Who is The Scrambler pdf for?

Have you ever had a girl who is your friend and a very good friend at that and you really wanted to get closer to her in a physical way – Okay “you really want to bone her”. Is this a friend that considers you a friend as well and maybe nothing more? Are you a little unsure how to move out of that friend zone and approach your relationship in a new light?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then in Short The Scrambler Pdf and Techniques is exactly what you need.

So before I get into explaining more about who this scrambler technique is best suited for ,lets discuss what the Scrambler is and how this well named product “Unlock Her Legs” can help you.

If you have tried everything in your power to get her attention but you keep failing with considerable bad luck, you need to read on. The Unlock Her Legs Scrambler method was created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge to help men solve this problem.

The Scrambler offers a very sneaky system about mind games you can play on women. These kinds of mind games are meant to help them know that you want to get physical with them but not in a crude way at all. It’s actually quite amazing what you learn when it comes to understanding how a women think and the physical signs you and I both miss.

The ability to move out of the friend zone has always been there and I guarantee that on many of the times that you have spent with this particular friend you have had the chance to take action. Now the surprising thing is that after you complete the course and understand the method you will soon start having flash backs of scenarios that you have failed miserably in getting out of the friend zone.

You have actually dug your own hole and a lot of the time they discover that this friend wanted more than friendship some time ago but gave up on the idea as you kept missing all the signals.

get her obsessed scrambler pdfThe Scrambler comes with a complete toolkit that includes 12 secret tactics that make Unlock Her Legs a very efficient system.

The guide teaches men about techniques that help them understand personalities of the particular woman and how she would want to be treated.

Not only does it cover these very basic concepts but also the how to mentally get inside her head so that she begins to chase you and will start to have you on her mind more and more.

Eventually this works so well that you are then instructed to pull back from meeting up of talking too much over a few days unless she calls or chases you. You need to become a little busy but not too obviously, what this does is creates a sense of helplessness and a feeling of not being in control. She will soon realize that she feels this way because there is something she now craves or wants but can seem to get access too it.

Now once this stage happens the lioness comes out and this is the fun part, she will soon start to come on a little heavier to try and win back the dominance in the relationship as you have become the shot maker.

getting luck with the scramblerSoon this will become physical and then wham bam thank you mam, she’s all yours. So going even further than that you will soon understand this because you go through different sections that explain it all in real life scenario’s and great examples.

It will also teach you about their signals, hints, and body language so you can make your move efficiently.

Women have always wanted what they can’t have and this is more so in relationships or matters of the heart. More so in matters of lust because women are driven by a challenge. We all know if a girl knows you love her, she will tend to ignore you and start exploring other options out there since you are already wrapped around her finger.

I guess this is why women love men who refuse being tied down and have the ability to get any girl whenever they want. Using the Scrambler will cause girls to obsess over you and not the other way round.

Who is The Scrambler Pdf for?

    • A guy stuck in the friend zone
    • A man who has a woman he can’t get out of his mind
    • A man with a crush on a particular girl in his social circle
    • A guy who is struggling with the nice guy behavior
    • A guy who is fed up with feeling like women have the power or the upper hand in relationships
    • Any guy that just wants to enjoy going out on the weekend
    • A guy who lacks the confidence to approach women
    • Plus so many more…

The Scrambler Technique

unlock her legs review the basic ideaThe Scrambler techniques are designed to help you deal with women effectively in a way that create you as positive attraction and ends in a desirable sexual outcome.

It helps refine your personality in a way that makes you become a living chic magnet. These techniques are just waiting for you to master them and the best part is that it’s quick to learn, easy to understand and guaranteed to work.

Yep I said Guaranteed, the creators Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are that confident that this Unlock Her Legs system will work for you they are backing it with a 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days. Which is insane as far as I’m concerned.

Find the Scrambler Technique core principles that will get the girl to chase after you below:

1. Mystery and Drama – The very first foundation of the scrambler technique involves planting doubt into the girl’s mind. After creating some confusion in her mind, you are supposed to use that chance to slip in your new mental idea. Let’s face it, every girl loves mystery! The technique guides you on how to plant the mysteries and uncertainties so that you can fuel her curiosity hence drawing her closer to you.

2. Power and Control – This technique teaches you on how to spread your image as a wanted and powerful man, in her mind. When a woman realizes who you are, she will not be able to control her attraction to you.

3. Validation – This third principle teaches you on how to turn the woman of your dreams into a person who will always seek your validation in everything in her life. If a woman starts seeking validation from you, they become impatient.

This turns their mind into a mess causing them to seek constant validation from you. The guide teaches you on how to create situations that will cause the girl to seek your approval always.

4. Anticipation – This final step equips you with to do things that eventually make a girl impatient so that she will be ready to anticipate want you want from her. It helps drive the girl quicker to you.

What you get after purchasing Unlock Her Legs

In addition to getting the main manual which downloadable online, a lot of bonus material is provided to help you enhance your sex life. It includes the following:

  • She’s Sending You Signals
  • Invisible Escalation
  • The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
  • Her Erogenous Zones
  • The Magnetic Effect Pattern
  • 12 Conversations That Will Make Her Fall in Love.

If you want an even more in depth look at what you get inside the members area of the Unlock her legs program then I suggest you watch the video and read the full unlock her legs review.


There are many innovative techniques, physical and psychological that a guy can use so as to get hotter girls using this system. This guide has become so popular, and it has helped millions of guys all over the world to finally get the woman they desire.

If you are a victim of bad luck when handling women, consider trying Unlock Her Legs today and learn the secret to attracting women!

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