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On this page of the Unlock Her Legs Review I will be going into a little more detail about the Scrambler Method. I will discuss exactly what it is and exactly what’s inside the members area including the type of learning materials that you receive.

But before we kick of discussing the Scrambler Technique I have recorded a quick video that will show you what’s inside the method so you can quickly learn a lot more about it.

Note: This entire page is dedicated to the Scrambler Method, so if you want to head back to the Main Unlock Her Legs Review then you need to go here. Also if you are just keen to get started learning and implementing these amazing methods then Click on the link below to go straight to the official Unlock Her Legs Website.

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Now lets get stuck into the video on the Scrambler and then read on after that to learn even more.

So I hope the video really showed you exactly what you will get and what you lean inside the Scrambler method. Bobby Rio has done a very good job setting all this out and the stuff he teaches has been tested over and over to ensure that everything works. I can personally vouch for that as the Scrambler method has done wonders for me.

So What Exactly Is The Scrambler?

unlock her legs review the scramblerWell the scrambler to put it into a simple couple of sentences before I fill in all the blanks and get right into it is a unique method, tips, tricks and mind control seduction techniques.

This enables you to plant an idea into a girls mind that makes her want to have sex with you, she will be chasing you constantly to get your attention and not the other way around.


So Lets Get Into It – What Will You Learn In The Scrambler?

First of all I will tell you how the Scrambler is delivered to you. The Scrambler comes in two different forms, the first is a Full 54 page PDF with every with explained in great detail and it covers every phase and every step to take. The second way to learn the Scrambler technique is by Audio, they actually give you the entire course on an Audio for you to listen while you are on the go, in the car or simply sitting at home. It’s great to have the Audio for a quick recap before you head out for the nights.

unlock her legs review lady 1Now what you learn is really how to get a girls wanting to have sex with you and she will stop at nothing until she gets you. This sound really quite difficult but the entire process couldn’t be easier the way that Bobby Rio explains it in the PDF. You will get 5 Steps to Follow with a full chapter on each step explaining everything. You then get 5 additional phases to go through that is stated as optional but both Bobby and myself will recommend that you go through this stuff as well.


What I will do know is list the 5 Steps and chapter below plus the 5 phases that you will get the opportunity to read and learn once you are inside the Unlock Her Legs Members Area.

  • Step 1 is called Interrupting Her Pattern – which teaches you exactly how to interrupt her current way of thinking and plant the idea in her mind that you are a possible person she may want to sleep with. This step is essential in order to set up for the remaining steps that of course lead to the good stuff.


  • Step 2 is called The Power Shift – This will show you how to simply and easily change the control of power and the chase from her having the upper hand to you having the upper hand. It enables you to become the one getting chased and not doing the chasing.


  • Step 3 is called The Validation – By using this particular method you will be setting up the opposite to what a nice guy does and that is validate the girls as being a goddess straight from the get go. Girls love to be validated and they will work at getting your validation if you know the right way to deny her for a little while. This creates more interest in you and you become the challenge and not the other way around.


  • Step 4 is called Unpredictable Rewards – Everyone like reward right and with the Scrambler method it’s no different with this step you will learn exactly how to increase her commitment to you and her attachment to you get greater and greater.


  • Step 5 is called Physical Intimacy – This is the final step to just the scrambler method and does not include everything else you learn and receive. To read more about that hen head back to the home page at Any way on with the Physical intimacy step, here you will learn when is the right time to make your move and with all the work leading up to this point you will find that you can move in for some full on intimacy a hell of a lot quicker.

Now as I stated earlier you do get and 5 phases that you should read through to further ensure that you are successful ( like tonight, that’s how fast this stuff works)

I have listed and briefly explained the 5 Phases below for you to check out these are the exact and specific sequences of moves you should make when using the above 5 steps:

  • Phase 1 is called Black Out – Now we are not going to get the girl to literally black out but instead this is the method of getting yourself out of the friend zone by doing what matters to the end results and doing less of the friend stuff. There is a very specific way to do this to maintain your friendship but have her make the move to take it from friends to lovers.


  • Phase 2 is called Reconnaissance – This will teach you that the rule of messing up your first impressions isn’t the last stand. There is a way to get the girl even if the first impression you gave of was a mistake or a disaster. You will learn all the real life practices to make the second meeting a winning one, there are 3 major steps to getting this to work for you and you will learn all three in this phase.


  • Phase 3 is called Friendly Fire – This is all about the action steps you take after you have redeemed the relationship and placed yourself in the right zone to take action. The biggest mistake a guy makes is not setting up to this phase correctly and then not knowing when to act and how to act with the next move. Taking action is exactly what she wants at this stage if you have done everything correctly and know how to read the sign. When it comes to reading the sign you will see in the features section of this unlock her legs review that they offer an entire module on how to read the signs and what to do. This phase in the Scrambler take you to the next level of the friendly fire action steps.


  • Phase 4 is called DDay – which is related to the additional module you get in the unlock her legs members area called “Weapons of Seduction”. The Dday phase will teach you amp up the intensity for the all important DDay. This is where progression is the result of tension and if all’s done correctly it will be sexual tension.


  • Phase 5 is called Chilled Ice – This is where you chill things out for a reason and withdraw yourself from her for a little while. She will begin to realize how attracted she is to you and the next meeting will be one where she is all over you and like putty in your hands.

So as you can clearly see from this quick break down of the The Scrambler techniques it is made with the seduction and control of a girl’s mind absolutely placed in your control. If you follow this method you will have success with any girl that you desire. Looks play no part in this, so if you are less than impressive then you will want to grab this course and get stuck into it straight away.

unlock her legs review the basic ideaThere’s not much more that I need to say about the Unlock Her Legs Scrambler method other than the fact that it works and is so powerful that you will be amazed that you are able to score with any girl at all. The best part of this is that you don’t need months of practice because it really is laid out with such an easy step by step plan that all you need do is follow along and do what is instructed.


So if you would like to get started then click on the link below, if you want to ask me anything the go to my contact me page and ask me anything you like about the Unlock her legs review or the Scrambler method. By the way if you have yet to read the full review then go here to read the entire review.

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