How To Approach Women

One of the biggest problems men have today is approaching women as discussed in an earlier article. Whether it is at a social event, work or even in a club scene women are seen as mysterious objects of fear and attraction.

So in reality and your not alone, many men don’t understand how to approach women at all and actually avoid it while complaining they are single at the same time.

Do You Get Tongue Tied When Approaching A Woman?

tongue tied not knowing how to approach womenMen who are normally very articulate become tongue tied little boys when faced with the prospect of walking up and talking to a beautiful woman.

In their minds she seems completely unapproachable and to do so is going so far outside of his comfort zone that he literally feels sick.

However, many of these unapproachable women are lonely and want you to come up and talk to them but no one does. The usual problem is that the only guys usually brazen enough are usually at the low end of the scale and are often crude and rude.

This causes them to develop a barrier or type of armor in the form of caustic comments that drive not only these individuals away but the genuinely interesting people like you away as well.

So many of these women that you have been avoiding are actually quite lonely but just need a confident real genuine person to come along and the caustic attitude and comments fall away to reveal the true beauty.

Once this happens you will soon find you will be accepted and before you know it you have broken the ice the nerves are gone and you finally begin to act half normal.

Whats The Solution?

Today you’ll learn 3 of the secrets which will help you break your fear of approaching, meeting, and talking to women. This entire process as I will soon explain is made easier by using their very psychology and genetics to help you do so.

helpful solution to approaching womenToday I want to start off by talking about how humor, a quick exit and confidence combined with a special system allows you to talk to any women you choose.

This method and psychology behind it allows you to build trust and a relationship which puts you in the drivers seat to take it as far as you wish.

These methods are not for those that are not willing to put in the time and effort to change how they talk and act. For those that are willing to make the necessary changes then any girl is within your grasps.

Continue reading if you’re serious about meeting a woman. You should also read on if you think it’s time to take action with that particular woman you have had a secret crush on.

Top 3 Tips On How To Approach Women

So below you will see the top 3 tips when it comes to approaching women, the first one and last one are things that require a little education or planning but are easy to achieve when done step by step.

Most importantly is having real life examples and easy ways to implement what you learn, this is where the Unlock Her legs program is great as it’s taught in a real life situation.

N0 #1 – Humor

The very first thing you need to work on and one reason why many ugly men end up with gorgeous women is there “FUNNY”. Yes, you need to work on your sense of humor.

have humour to approach womenBelieve it or not women do appreciate a man who can laugh at the world and what’s even more important he makes them laugh as well. This means boning up on jokes, funny stories, and being able to learn to see the humor in seemingly mundane things is a plus.

I find some of the best results comes from smart witty humor and then as the night progresses the humor changes tone to be a little more of a flirty nature.

It’s a good idea to test the humor before starting a stand up act and embarrassing yourself.

You need to see what gets a response then if it’s good you can continue using the same type of humor to really loosen up and break the ice.

What ever you do “Don’t use obvious corny 1 liners as they will get you shot, women do not respond well to the 1 liners at least not anymore.

If she is in a good mood she will throw a few jokes out there herself and remember to take notice at what sort of humor she has, is she corny, witty, cheeky, flirty, judgmental or don’t she get a good laugh from judging others.

Don’t fret if you feel you don’t have a sense of humor as it is like anything a skill you can develop. It’s actually more of a technique that can be perfected even if you are exceptionally boring or have the humor of a snail.

This type of witty humor that I’m talking about is taught in The Scrambler method where you learn the type of humor to use and how to be funny without trying just by understanding 3 simple things about a woman.

These 3 things can be easily be seen and understood within the first sentence unlock her legs reviewor the moment she looks in your direction and speaks.

The creator of The scrambler have also named it Unlock her legs which has grown in popularity due to it’s huge success and massive group of followers that have all achieved good results using it.

I personally have been through this course and others as well and I can say that The Unlock Her Legs Technique works and works very well.

If you want to look into the scrambler a little more then you can read one of the most comprehensive Unlock Her Legs Reviews ever written.

You can see videos of what you get on the inside and discover everything that you will learn inside this incredible program.

Being funny according to the creators of The scrambler can sometimes be as simple as telling a story about your morning and if you add a little color and life to the story it works very well.

I can hear you saying “How is that funny, what I did this morning was boring” Well here’s the trick, I can almost guarantee that there were a few personally funny and almost embarrassing things that happened this morning, like you were tying up your shoe lace lost balance a fell directly into the front garden.

Trust me if you be honest and open up a little thee are plenty of funny stories you can tell. Tell the story with some confidence and passion and the you will soon have her eating out of the palm of your hand.

Then you can bring up a humorous story for any occasion, which opens doors in the minds of women you meet, as you make them smile and you have then cracked the armor that surrounds them that lets you bring things to the next level.

No #2 – Get In Then Get Out

Now as we know the whole idea of approaching a women is scary enough and the thought of worrying about your humor, breath, hair, clothes and every other negative thing running through your mind becomes a little overwhelming.

I said get in then out when approaching womenHere’s the good news because before you even get a chance to be witty you need to get in and the get out. What doe’s this mean and why should you be breathing a sigh of relief.

How to approach a woman a still remain standing while your legs are shaking and your knees are knocking is to get it over with fast. The first time you build up the courage to approach a woman I want you to simply do these things.

Start by watching what she is doing and understand whats around you so you can be prepared for the scary silence that is likely to come. Then lets say she is standing at the bar waiting to get a drink and there is a terrible band playing and there are a number of people playing pool etc.

You simply walk up and say a simple word like “HI” then smile and  ask have you been served yet or something similar (at this point you could mention the terrible band or anything else to break the awkward silence).

Listen to her answer and then when she tells you she has not been served you need to make every effort to get the bar tenders attention without looking stupid.

Then say this lovely lady hasn’t been served and I’ll have a beer after you fix her up. By doing this and not expecting anything in return she will instantly feel obligated to pay you back in some way but you should still expect nothing.

Then before you leave which you must do even if it’s going well,  you need to say something like “look I’m not sure if your here with friends or anything but I’d love to offer to buy you a drink  a little later” then say nothing a wait for her response.

Nine times out of ten the answer will be “sure that would be nice ” after that you grab her number and let her know you will call shortly to see if you are still around.

Then you need to leave as your step 1 mission has been accomplished, this is just an example but you need to adapt this to different situations. Also this is exactly what you learn in The Scrambler but more real life example and plenty of methods on how to put it all into practice.

If you stay around and keep talking you are likely to stuff up and completely lose her interest, it’s far more effective to leave a good taste in her mouth as she will be needing more very shortly. The next occasion you see her she will open up and be far more friendly and make you feel more comfortable and confident as she is not this strange mysterious women anymore.

So the moral is to get in do the first meet and greet, get the number or email and then get out so she will be thinking about you until she can see you again. It works – Trust me.

Turn your Nerves Inside Out

courage when approaching a woman without fearDamn, I can hear you swearing at me from here, sorry but this is the biggest secret and tip to help you approach women a whole lot easier.

What’s holding you back right now is your mind is telling you that the entire world is watching and that everything is about to go wrong. What happens is your nerves take over and you either freeze, chicken out or look like a complete creep and bury yourself in a deeper hole.

The reality is that no one is watching, no one really cares but you and the person you are about to say hello to you may never run into again in your life.

So in essence if all goes up the shit “WHO CARES”. You don’t gain if you don’t ask and you don’t ask if you don’t want something bad enough.

So I guess the question is do you want it bad enough because if you do then you need to take a deep breath and use your nerves as excitement because remember no one is watching you. Now after you take that deep breath and get that excited feeling you need to suck that in and use that to portray confidence.

Confidence is the major key and without it you will have a real hard time and each time you persist in approaching a woman without it you will get rejected and lose a little more confidence. This in turn causes a snow ball effect to the point where you may as well stay home on the weekends.

I don’t care what you need to do, go to the gym, jog, take public speaking classes or learn martial arts. Whatever you need to do to help build your overall confidence will make you more of a chick magnet than ever before.

So the moral of this tip is to get some confidence, throw down a couple of shots of vodka or whatever you need to do but train your body to display confidence and if this means you have to fake it till you make it then so be it.

You’ll only need to fake it once because when you get laid because you sucked it up and showed some balls and a little confidence then you won’t need to fake it anymore.

My Final Overview

final overview on how to approach a womanWith a bit of humor, a quick exit and showing a little confidence understanding how to approach women becomes second nature and you will crave and enjoy the challenge. You also get a huge confidence boost because you now have the ability to approach virtually any woman you choose.

You will find that this confidence will not only come out in your sex life but in every other part of your life as well. I noticed my career started to take off as my confidence had grown to the point that the managers and owners would notice me a little more and I ended up getting a promotion which was cool.

At the time all this meant was I could go out more often and enjoy myself with my new found skills, after a while it became like I didn’t need to think or remind myself of what I was meant to do it all seemed to just come naturally.

Here one really big point that I neglected to mention earlier. “You don’t have to be built like a bodybuilder or be James Bond to attract desirable women”. Armed with what you’ve learned today, you can enjoy a more varied and exciting love life approaching and meeting the women you see all around you daily. You know the one’s you admire but currently avoid.

So my final advise would be to read the rest of this website and check out the Unlock her legs review but most importantly is once you learn some of these new methods you need to use them. They are completely useless if you don’t put them into practice, not everything will work but I guarantee if you follow the above 3 rules you will be getting laid sooner than you think.

Who knows where all this might lead in the end, but it beats sitting home watching reality TV , that’s for sure. If you are interested in checking out the video by Bobby Rio on The scrambler then head here.

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