Attracting Women

attracting women Since the days of the caveman attracting women has been an art that is not only difficult but seems near impossible for some men. Although how they did it back in the Caveman days is not really going to work these days.

Actually these day’s it’s a lot harder, women a so much more complex and lead very self reliant lives these days.

Not too long ago it was common practice to be raised to purely and hopefully marry into a good or wealthy family. These days that plays no role either.

You really need to start by understanding how women in general think and what really makes them desire one person over the next.

So What Does Work When Attracting Women?

unlock her legs review the basic ideaWell I can tell you that clubbing her over the head and dragging her off to your cave will get you 20 to life these days, so that’s out of the question.

The one thing and the most important yet hardest thing you’ll need to acquire in order to attract women is “Confidence“.

This is the single most important thing you can work on as women will always go for the confident guy over the shy and bashful guy.

Why do you think the apparent bad boy image gets the girl, well it’s not so much his clothes but more so his over confident attitude.

Trying to get women to be attracted to you can be a very hard task but with a little guidance, anybody can do it. In order to unlock a women’s legs and get her chasing you straight to the bedroom one must first win over her heart.

To do this you need to create the necessary mind triggers that will build her sub conscious desire of you. You need to reserve what you are probably used to, and that’s chasing the girl. In order for her to have some desire for you, you must seem mysterious, confident and slightly out of reach.

You see there is one trait that is true in both men and women and that is we all want what we can’t have. You can use this common understanding of how people think and more so women to create that desire.

The goal is to be a perfect blend of physical zest and intellectually competence. By having both of these elements, an aura is created. A women must want you mentally before she can want you physically.

This is very important because the characteristics that turn on a women aren’t just physical but also mental as well.

  • The three most important aspects of attracting women are confidence, charisma and personality.


courage when approaching a woman without fearWomen like confidence in a man but remember some women struggle with confidence issues as well.

You may actually find that girl you have been too scared to approach for the last 3  months is actually very shy herself.

She may actually be hoping you will come up as she has been wanting to meet you but also doesn’t have the confidence to take action.


flirting a little to unlock her legsCompliments are good to use but also use in moderation and when appropriate. Don’t just blurt out compliments for no real reason or you will look needy and as if you are desperately chasing her.

Simple compliment can range from anything about their physical appearance, their style or their personality. If possible one should also use humor because making a women laugh is a good sign that she might be interested in you.

However, please remember that women can be easily turned off by too many compliments because a guy can come off creepy, weird or like I said earlier, needy.

Attracting women can be very tough with the overuse of compliments. The most important rule to go by is moderation.

When giving out compliments, one must do it in moderation. This rule just doesn’t apply to compliments but everything in life.The next step to attracting women is style or charisma.

First Impressions Makes A Difference In Attracting Women

attarcting women with classThe first impressions lasts a long time. What does your style say about you? Are you a hipster? Are you conservative or liberal? These questions are important because they allow women to get a sense of who you are.

A man who is cultured is a man that the ladies love. Understanding fashion trends, being able to dress well, and overall taste in clothing is a huge plus for a woman.

Another useful tip is knowing how to tie a tie or a bow tie. Knowing these basic things is something that will give off classiness. What women doesn’t love a guy who is classy.

The important concept to note about style is that it does not require a lot of money. There are so many different clothing brands out there that sell nice clothes for a reasonable price.

The most important aspect about clothing is not the brand name, but the way in which one wears the clothes.Last but not least, one of the most important characteristics that attract a women is personality.

Get A Personality

have humour to approach womenHaving a less than boring personality can go a long way as well. At the end of the day, women want a man who is exciting and dashing. A man who can keep them off their feet and surprises them.

A vibrant personality is always a huge plus and is something that many men overlook.

A lot of guys try to make up for their lackluster personalities with money, or their physical appearance but those are only temporary solutions to a long-term problem.

A vivid confident personality is the single most important aspect of attracting a women.

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