Approaching Women

To most men, approaching a woman is probably one of the most hardest and stressful things that they have to do. The reason most men find it difficult is due to the fear of getting rejected or turned down.

The fear of approaching women can be so strong in some men that it makes them behave in abnormal ways such as stammering like never before or even unknowingly engaging in completely irrational behavior.

For instance check out this cool video of some straight up example on exactly how not to approach women.

Hopefully she was entertaining as I thought she was great. The points she made in the video are very true and I hope they help you a little as well.

Here’s another example of how fear of rejection stood in the way. I was having my good moments in a bar when a man leaned over and said: “Whew, look at that super hot sexy woman! Hmm, I’d sure like to unlock her legs and get into her panties.” So, I advised him to cross over and talk to her.

But the guy insisted on taking a couple of alcohol drinks before he could gather his confidence and move in on his target.

Two hours later, this man was still at the bar just gazing at her. The amazing part is that she was too looking his way and maintaining the eye contact. At one point, the lady smiled at him giving the right signals and body language of an invitation.

Do you think he took the opportunity or even knew he had one?

When You Want To Approach a Woman Do Not Dilly Dally

nervous about apporaching womenInstead of gathering the courage to make a move, the gazing rally only triggered him to turn back to the barmaid and order even more drinks.

By then, he had become very excited due to the attention he was getting from the lady.

The only challenge that this guy had is that he had no clue how to approach this lady, coupled with the fact that he had already taken a few bottles of beer and was feeling a little tipsy.

Hours later, the woman left the bar with a disappointed look on her face while the man was virtually asleep on the bar table.

What really happened?

Well, my new buddy was over-nervous that he drank himself to sleep and lost the opportunity to approach his target. Needless to say, because of being clueless about the art of ways of approaching women, he was certainly going to spend another lonely cold night!

drunk at bar with no women to scrambleNow the funny thing was that this poor guy was me only a short period of time ago. After studying the art of picking up women and how to attract women the correct way I can say that I personally had many a bad night before I new the secrets.

What makes things different now is that I’m armed with the education and knowledge from The scrambler technique or otherwise known as “Unlock Her Legs“.

This allows me to see beyond what a women really wants and understand what triggers her to really want you through a mental game or process which is where The Scrambler gets it’s name.

Another big factor that I had to understand is that rejection happens, not every women will be attracted to every man on the planet that simply knows a few mental methods.

It comes down to a whole lot more than that and there are certain people that are seriously not meant to be in relationships with certain other people.

Prepare For Any Outcome When Approaching Women

rejected when approaching womenUnless you are mister perfect, you will certainly face rejection at some point. Even the master of the game may face rejection once in a while.

So, let it sink in that getting rejected is normal, it is just part of the dating game.

You may not be pleasant or have the ability to connect with every woman. Some women like blonde men, while others like dark skinned men.

Some ladies like fat guys while others prefer muscular ones. Some women are attracted to tall men, while others go for vertically challenged ones.

Look, what I’m really saying here is that if you try to approach a woman and things don’t work out at all, maybe that’s completely normal. In reality when we approach someone for the first time we ten to even judge them a little more ourselves, prior to that we had only seen her from a distance and had never had the chance to talk.

So what can happen is that you soon realize after talking to her for the first time that she does not interest you and is not what you thought and even though you try to stay engaged in her conversation you can’t. Why is that? The reason is because you have subconsciously told yourself that she is not the one and the night is not long enough to wast anymore time talking to a person that does not live up to your hopes for the night.

When this scenario happens then you have caused the rejection and the sooner you realize that the sooner being rejected becomes part of the game.

Now there are other reasons why you need to prepare yourself for rejection when approaching a women for the first time. for instance the lady you want may be already in another relationship.

She may be married or recently separated and not wanting to get involved with anyone. So the moral here is not to take rejection to personally.

Observation Before The Approach

stormy weather if you approach the wrong girlMany men actually approach women blindly without undertaking any observation first and knowing what they are walking into. These are the men who are termed as numbers men. There entire goal is to try to approach as many women as possible to hopefully land one by the end of the night.

Now this can work well if rejection is your friend and you don’t mind the occasional slap. The worst though is if you a really stupid and really didn’t look ahead at all and end up in a punch up with the husband or boyfriend that’s only a few feet away.

Before approaching any woman, it is important to check her body language and flirting. Through her body language, you can predict whether she is interested in you or not.

If the woman makes frequent eye contact, smiles at you or even plays with her hair, jewelry or even clothes then you can be sure that she is not going to reject you.

Make Advances through Flirting

flirting a little to unlock her legsFlirting is one of the best ways to confirm the intentions of her body language. Flirting will also help you know how it will be like when you finally get into the relationship plus it’s also a nice way to help build courage to ask her out for a date.

The best way to flirt with a woman is to approach her with a lot of fun and in a playful way. This will greatly help her feel safe and comfortable being around you. Most women will get one of two feelings straight away especially if you approach a women out of the blue with no common ground, connections or previously having met.

They will feel like you are a little creepy or they will feel comfortable and slightly curious.

Start your introduction by relaxing, maintaining eye contact and never forgetting to say hi. Flirting can be used as a screening process hence, helping you know her more and decide whether you want her or not. The last thing to fall into is a psycho and unstable lady who would say “It’s awesome to have a man at last” after she unlocks her legs and lets you in the first night she meets with you.

You may also want to avoid a woman who is stingy and never wants to unlock her legs until the two of you are married or at least engaged, I mean seriously a man would die before that happened. Plus you would rush out and marry the first mistake just to get a little piece of action.

What Do I Do Now?

So you need to know more on approaching women and getting that hard to get girl. Well you are in the right place because here at the Unlock Her Legs Review website I not only cover the course that helped me but I’m giving back by revealing many new techniques that I have learned and are working for me.

So next you need to go back to the home page and read the rest of the scrambler review and continue looking through the rest of this site as there is plenty more cool information that will take you from a man getting no action to needing a break from the ladies at least once a month.

Enjoy the info guys…

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